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Hello, nice to meet you!

Welcome. I am Lynn Miner-Rosen.

I’m an ICF-Credentialed Career Coach, Professional ADHD Coach and Executive Functioning Coach for Adults and College Students. I have worked with thousands of clients over the last ten years as a coach. Prior to coaching, I was a special education teacher, department store buyer, sales executive, wife and mom. 


I pride myself on being a very experienced, knowledgeable, research-based coach that leads and encourages ALL of my clients, with or without invisible disabilities or neurodiverse challenges to move forward and have a fantastic life! 


I love what I do.  I love helping people with positivity, a sense of humor, and strategies based on research and facts!

You don't have to do this alone! 

As a Coach, former educator, executive, mommy and current business owner with ADHD, I saw a HUGE need for solid, fact-based, challenge-based, disability-knowledge-based (my word) career decision and job search coaching programs that support people with ADHD, LD, ASD or any other Visible or INvisible neurodiversity or challenge.


The 21st Century job market is challenging for people with invisible and visible work challenges. Your job choices, career search strategies, interviewing, networking, and success on-the-job with ADHD can be dramatically improved by working with a coach. 

I’m here to be your guide, your partner or your "sherpa" every step of the way. 
I want to help YOU be the person YOU want to be!

With no judgment, no stigma and tons of support and understanding. 

I love helping people, but I am only one person. My time is split between my private coaching practice (limited days), special projects and research, social media sharing, writing BLOGS and a full day for general small business management. 


If you and I don’t get the opportunity to work together privately, I still want to support you!

I aim to share only the most current and accurate information, fact-based resources, and as much love and support as I can offer you remotely and through this website!


So be sure to check out my BLOG, my uniquely created resources and other online resources.
Please feel free to reach out and connect with me on social media and sign up for my regular newsletter. 

With so much love,

I want to help you get clarity about who you really are, figure out what light's you up and then support you with the tools to get to the top of the peak!        
- Lynn

Because of my own life experiences living with ADHD, working in the business world, getting married, having kids (with ADHD), changing careers, going back to school in my 40's, and then changing careers again at the age of 55 - I understand how and why ADD/ADHD, Executive Functioning Challenges, Neurodiversity and ASD can get in the way of making essential decisions, having a successful career, making the right job choices, and using all the talent and passion that you have to find truly meaningful work! 

I can support you with...

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Lynn Miner-Rosen, MEd, ACC, CDCS


Professional ADHD Coach | ICF Credentialed Career Coach | Cognitive Behavioral Coach | Life Coach | ACO Board Member | Keynote Speaker

Specializing with ages 17-70 worldwide


With over ten years of coaching experience, Lynn supports her c