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6 Tips on How to Get Ahead in Your Career Journey with ADHD

Just like you would not purchase your first home without utilizing a licensed real estate professional or a broker, you probably don't want to make a mistake and choose the wrong career because you think you know the “shortcut” or because you only gave yourself three months to find a job.

Think about this: You could have the same career for your entire life.

You will NEED to do some "WORK" before you choose a job, apply for a job, or interview for a job - especially if you have Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or any neurodevelopment challenge. That work might be learning about different careers, learning all about yourself, taking courses or working with a coach. I am sorry to say that there is no such thing as a "list of ADHD JOBS." Every person is unique and capable in many different ways. Whether you have diagnosed ADHD or not, you are capable of being a successful scientist, mega-business owner, reporter, or Olympic athlete.

As a career coach and ADHD coach, I repeatedly hear stories from people in their 40s and 50s who have ADHD and are miserable at their jobs. Clients tell me stories about how they graduated college without knowing what they really wanted to do and took the first job offered. But, now, many years later, they are regretting making that HUGE LIFE decision and are realizing that their ADHD impacts them more than they thought it would and are now looking for a different career path.

Choosing a lifetime career path is not something to decide in a week or even a month.

Would you "wing it" if you:

  • Were purchasing a home for yourself and your family? Think about all the professionals you have to consult with and pay to get all your paperwork in order, decide on the perfect location, excellent schools, etc.

  • Were planning a vacation? Do you remember how much time and effort you put into planning your last vacation? How did you decide the dates, location, expenses, and travel times?

  • Were buying a car? Would you buy a car on a whim, or would you read the ratings and do a test drive?

My Top 6 Tips To Help You Get Ahead in Your Career Journey with ADHD

1. Don't Try To "Wing It"

Take time to think about where your career fits in with your entire life. If you don't like your job or are not motivated to go to work, getting up in the morning will be even more challenging. And with ADHD, that impulsivity can cause you to accept the first job you are offered without "knowing how the car drives”!

2. Avoid Additional Anxiety - Be Your Best Self Today

Anxiety and worry seem to get in the way of most of my clients. Constant fear and worry about money, work, bills, and what other people think about you can stop you in your tracks and make it hard for you to move forward. It is easy for ADHDers to forget all their past achievements and successes when nervous. Get the support you need to make the right decisions as your BEST self!

3. Get Professional Advice

Whether you are looking to choose a career, switch careers, or start a new business, you might need to invest money and effort. Of course, I recommend working with a career coach, job coach, or any professional who can positively support you and understand your ADHD. Remember, you do NOT have to disclose your ADHD to any recruiter or on a basic job application. (More about that in a future blog)

4. Give Yourself Time!

According to a recent article on, "you can probably expect to see your job search take an average of about five to six months, depending on the industry and job type." Keep in mind that those statistics are for "neurotypical" people who already know precisely what job they want and what skills that job requires.

5. You NEED To Know All About YOU, Well

Well enough to talk about it in an interview! You need to know who you are, what job you want to do, why you want that job, and how to get it! You will need to network, talk to people and make connections.

6. Know WHAT Job or Career Path You Want, FIRST

In order to narrow this down to an actual job description, you will NEED to invest time, effort, and sometimes money in this process. Consider this: you might have THIS job or career for the rest of your life!

Which one of these bits of advice helped you the most? Please comment below and share this with anyone that would benefit from the information I shared.

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