• Lynn Miner-Rosen

Back to School: Top 10 Tips for College Students With ADD/ADHD/Executive Functioning Challenges

Summer is almost over, and many parents are getting ready to send their sons and daughters off to college in the fall. Congratulations! I am sure as you are purchasing all the bedding, towels, notebooks and microwave food you are thinking about how your son or daughter with ADD/ADHD will succeed in college on their own?

This is a normal concern and I don’t blame you. When you look back on their High School experiences, did your son or daughter get easily distracted when studying? Was he or she disorganized and sometimes gave-up on big projects or long reading assignments? Are you concerned that you son or daughter might not attend college classes or even forget to turn in work? How are they going to manage their schedule, social events and make time to wash their clothes? These are all real concerns.

To help your college students make a smooth transition to school, here are my top 10 tips (based on the success of my clients) for College students with ADD/ADHD or Executive Function challenges. Remember to keep up a positive attitude and encourage success! The good news is that having ADHD has attributes that will help students to be a huge success in college. Encourage your son or daughter to never give up, ask for help and always, always schedule in time for themselves during the week!