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The focus of Lynn's coaching practice is her work with her clients.

Lynn's mission is to support all people with or without ADHD to be the BEST they can be in their life! 
She work
s with adults and college students at the highest standards and ethics, with professionalism and current research-based information. Through 1:1 coaching, Lynn supports clients and families in understanding and mastering strategies to live an exceptional life with or without experiencing the symptoms of ADHD, Executive Functioning Challenges, and Learning Differences.  


ADHD coaches support their clients in developing a comprehensive understanding of both the nature of ADHD and the impact of ADHD on their client’s quality of life.  In addition, ADHD coaches work with clients to create structures, support, skills and strategies. Coaching assists clients with ADHD to stay focused on their goals, face obstacles, address core ADHD-related issues like time management, organization, and self-esteem, gain clarity and function more effectively.



Career coaching incorporates reflection, conversation, and implementation of action steps towards the client’s career goals. It is a more structured process involving assessments, worksheets, and exercises to help college students, young adults, and adults find the best career fit. 


Through career coaching, every client of Lynn's receives ongoing support and encouragement throughout the entire career choice-to-job search process. When you work with Lynn you will have the opportunity to learn about yourself, about the best career fits for you, to exploring different career paths, learning about the job market, resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn and interviewing. Many career coaches continue to work with their clients as a coach once they get the job and help with a 30-60-90-day SUCCESS-on-the-Job plan and on-the-job coaching.  


Whether you are switching careers or just starting out on a new path, this entire process can be confusing and challenging.


Unfortunately, there is NO manual for Career Choice or Job Search for ADHD and there is NO "list of jobs for people with ADHD" - that is a MYTH.


The biggest TRUTH... there are very FEW career coaches that understand ADHD in adults, and there are very few ADHD Coaches that are trained as a 21st Century Career Coach, like Lynn! 


Lynn offers a personalized step-by-step system for each client that includes goal setting, evaluating career interests, and understanding personal style, skills, accomplishments, values, aptitudes, and work preferences. 


Career coaching may be right for you, if you feel you need assistance in dealing with any of the following issues:

  • Assessing and exploring strengths, interests, personality, motivation, and values

  • Researching and selecting a major for undergraduate study or graduate school.

  • Returning to school as an adult student for degree completion or graduate study.

  • Researching and selecting an occupation

  • Designing a strategic resume and cover letter

  • Developing a more effective, strategic job search 

  • Interview preparation/coaching

  • Exploring options for alternative careers

  • Navigating a career transition

  • Evaluating opportunities for additional training/education  

  • Identifying barriers to career movement and success

  • Focus on Results: Defining goals, action plans, time management, and organizational skills

  • Achieving the desired level of work-life balance

  • Creating a targeted plan for ongoing career development

Lynn also works with business and colleges to present information, run a workshop, or offer important information and resources.  Lynn offers team coaching for businesses who want to learn more about a business workplace that supports and encourages all neurodiverse employees.  Contact Lynn at for more information about workshops for your business. 

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College students with ADD/ADHD, learning differences, or disabilities might face unique challenges in school and not know the best route towards their career choice. All college students will benefit from learning and practicing ways to meet both general and specific qualifications of jobs. Students with any challenge will also need to demonstrate that they have good transferable skills acquired through education, practice, and previous work experiences.


Many young people head to college with no idea what they want to do. They gain student debt, experience family issues and many have to deal with ADHD getting in the way with anxiety, low self-esteem, poor self-care (sleeping, eating, exercise, and screen time), limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, “FOMO” (fear of missing out), concerns about what their friends and family think, and have no idea where to begin or how to go about it.


By working with a coach you gain a roadmap that you from point A to point B and beyond with tools, understanding, and no judgment.  Coaching helps clients move forward in a productive way to achieve their goals.


Lynn believes students should take action as early as high school if they are going to map out a track to get a job starting out of college!  


Lynn’s biggest advice… 

You Do Need to Go To College
You Do Need An Internship or Summer Experience

You Do Need to Gradute

Don’t listen to anyone else’s advice!

You will also need to move forward on different career development tasks every year you are in college. 


Lynn has created a 4-5 year checklist and plan for students to use so they get the best job possible upon graduation from college. You don’t have to do this alone. Lynn can support you through your entire journey


Lynn can work with college students on:

  • Finding volunteer work or a part-time job

  • Choosing a college major

  • Strong Interest Inventory assessment

  • Assessments and conversations about values, skills, aptitudes, goals, passions, and dreams

  • Strategies for future career success

  • Connecting with potential referrals

  • Why it is important to join a club or get involved with the school

  • Internships: How to get an internship and why it is important

  • Courses that will help improve social and transferable skills.

  • How to utilize the career office and job fairs

  • Learning networking skills, LinkedIn strategies, branding, and interview techniques


Why people like to work with me

Lynn was the missing piece to our son’s education and executive planning. You are the only person who seems to understand how to share study strategies, organization, note taking and the cognitive prerequisites for what it takes to be an effective learner. Your coaching skills and patience are also so impressive. I feel so lucky to have found you and appreciate all your help with our son.”

Leslie H.

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