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Testimonials about Coach Lynn

"Lynn Miner-Rosen has been a key member of my team over the past few months. She has shown a level of care and client-oriented service that I have never had before. During our time working together Lynn has helped me become a better student, friend, volunteer, and a happier person overall. My family and I are immensely impressed with her professionalism and personalized approach and we plan to continue using her services for as long as we can."

Scott B.

Client - Fort Lauderdale, FL


"I began working with Lynn during my junior year of college some years after I was diagnosed with ADHD. Before working with Lynn I had immense trouble with primarily time management but also organizational skills and balancing priorities. These factors led to perpetual stress and discordance between my efforts and their results. Through our weekly FaceTime sessions, Lynn enhanced my ability to identify my specific strengths and weaknesses that increased my self-confidence and allowed me to manage my limitations. With her help I feel empowered to finish my bachelors degree in four years and pursue a post-graduate degree in Law."

Kevin G.

Client - Smithtown, NY 



"I highly recommend Lynn as a life coach. With her help my daughter’s grades in college have dramatically improved. Lynn is supportive and encouraging and has provided invaluable guidance with organizational skills and time management.  Through Lynn’s coaching my daughter has acquired study skills which have benefited her tremendously."                                             

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Liz A.​

  Parent - Naples, FL 


"Coaching has been a really rewarding experience for me.  I have been able to develop several self-management skills through the process that I would not have had the opportunity to know about if it weren't for Lynn. Thanks to the sessions I have spent with Lynn, I was able to experience a strong sense of accountability during my coaching and I have learned to be accountable to myself now having completed coaching."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Anthony W.

                  Client - Washington University, St. Louis, MO 


"When I began working with Lynn, I only had thoughts for the present, hoping to develop strategies that would help me solve my current challenges.  But then we started talking about the past, my childhood and time in school, and the future, my dreams and passions, and I thought "well that's well and good but it seems a bit abstract". All the while though, I was building awareness about who I was and the strengths I developed throughout my life. This sense of self-awareness not only began to inform the strategies we began to work on for improving my productivity., but it became an immediate asset in my interview process. As most people who complete interviews can attest, they like to ask you self-reflection type questions like "Name a time in your life when you were foreced to make a difficult choice," and so on. And it was so fortuitous that the afternoon before I went in for my interview, I had just had an in-depth discussion about some of my greatest struggles and accomplishments with Lynn and I had perfect interview fodder to present myself as a mature well-grown individual. These are the kinds of aspects of myself that I don't think about a lot and I would have had a hard time pulling up to the surface if I hadn't been working on it with Lynn. Thank to her, I have a better awareness of myself and am to better articulate that to others."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Will H.

Client - Orlando, FL 


"Dear Lynn,

Thank you so much for the help you have given our son this past semester! He was finally able to succeed at the college level, and your assistance was certainly a big part of that. Your calm, positive, encouraging manner is helping him learn how to plan and organize his time far better than he ever did in the past. My husband and I look forward to watching our son further develop his ability to manage his assignments and his time as you continue to work with him on his journey through college. Thanks again."


Susan G.

Parent - Baldwin, NY



“Dear Lynn,
You are the missing piece to our son’s education and executive planning. You are the only person who seems to understand how to share study strategies, organization, note taking and the cognitive prerequisites for what it takes to be an effective learner. Your coaching skills and patience are also so impressive. I feel so lucky to have found you and appreciate all your help with our son.”


Leslie H.

Parent - Dix Hills, NY 




"After searching for more than a year for an expert on technology for individuals with ADHD, Suffolk CHADD struck gold when ADHD Coach Lynn Miner-Rosen,M.Ed. was our featured speaker on October 2nd 2013 and Suffolk CHADD recorded its second highest attendance for all of its 2013 events. Our audience of parents, teachers and students were fully engaged throughout Mrs. Rosen's hour and ten minute high quality presentation.


Her comprehensive showing was wonderfully organized according to our requested areas of focus – TECHNOLOGY APPS for organization, class note taking, calendars, reminders and homework. Lynn, calling upon her background as a middle school technology teacher, answered question after question from our attendees and spoke of many practical situations that arise, especially in school, as she explained which apps such as EVERNOTE, CAM SCANNER, AWESOME NOTE, and CALENDAR GOO work better than others. Lynn on behalf of the parents, teachers, and professional members of Suffolk CHADD - THANK YOU so very much for such an outstanding presentation and demonstration for us all!"

Eric Haracz M.Ed.

Chapter Coordinator

NY Suffolk CHADD


"Each year, the North Babylon  Youth Center holds a Parent University program to offer workshops for parents and caregivers on a variety of topics.  Lynn was a new addition to our program for 2013 and I received an astonishing amount of positive feedback from the parents that attended her workshop.  One of the parents who has a child with ADHD told me that this was the most informative and best workshop she had ever attended.  She learned many new things and skills to help her and her child.  The parents have already requested we offer her workshop again for 2014!"

Donna Cannon,  Manager 
North Babylon Community Youth Services 


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