Campus-To-Career Readiness Coach

Students should take action as early as high school IF they will map out a track to get a college job! 

Lynn's College-To-Career coaching service focuses on specific areas in college and after college towards their career success.



Don't Wait Until You Graduate! 


I get it… preparing to get a job after college may not be on your mind yet.


Most students heading to college or college right now don’t know what they want to do when they graduate college. In fact, most college students don’t start to think about their future career until their senior year, and that might be too late!   In addition to completing college courses, students must prepare for life after school by taking advantage of their opportunities. 


College students with (or without) ADD/ ADHD, learning differences, or disabilities might face unique challenges in school and not know the best route towards their career choice. All college students will benefit from starting to learn and practice ways to meet the general and specific qualifications of jobs. Students with any challenge will also need to demonstrate that they have good transferable skills that they can acquire through education, practice, and previous work experiences.


All students will need their teachers, friends, family, and coaches for this process of career planning and career development in college.


Students NEED to be as proactive as they can while they are in college to help them get a head start toward a job AFTER college.

Lynn can work with college students on:

Finding volunteer work or a part-time job

How to choose a college major

Strong Interest Inventory assessment

Assessments and conversations about values, skills, aptitudes, goals, passions, and dreams

Strategies for future career success

Connecting with potential referrals

Why it is important to join a club or get involved with the school

Internships: How to get an internship and why it is important

Courses that will help improve social and transferable skills.

How to utilize the career office and job fairs

Learning networking skills, LinkedIn strategies, branding, and interview techniques

To learn more, please contact Lynn by e-mail at or phone at 800-426-3912