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Career Development Coach

Career development coaching incorporates reflection, conversation, and implementation of action steps. It is a more structured process involving assessments, worksheets, and exercises to help college students and adults find the best career fit for them. 


As a career coach, Lynn sees potential in every client. She is willing to go the extra mile to see that each person's potential is fully realized. It is a misconception that certain jobs are not right for people that learn differently.  In her work, Lynn has found that there is no limit to the careers that people with ADHD find fulfilling, challenging, interesting, and a match to their interests and values.

In Lynn's coaching program for Career Development, she works with clients looking for the right career path. Lynn offers a personalized package for each client that includes goal setting, evaluating career interests, understanding your personal style, skills, accomplishments, values, aptitudes, and work preferences. 

Also, Lynn offers support on exploring different career options, improving resumes, cover letters, networking skills, LinkedIn Profiles, networking strategies, internships, referrals, job boards, interviewing and mock interviews, and support all the way to challenges from ADHD On-The-Job. 


To learn more, please contact Lynn by e-mail at or phone at 800-426-3912

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